Logistical Thinking 

Logistical thinking represents the skills that have been identified by our partners in the industry as being critical for future professionals in this industry. Every class will find opportunities for students to reflect on these habits of mind in order to help students develop the qualities necessary to be successful in their future careers. 

Big Picture/Macro-Level Thinking:

Students can take a step back and see the “whole, big picture;” Systems-view approach to the world - the world is a series of interconnected systems and there are smaller pieces that are instrumental to understanding the larger picture of what is happening

Critical and Creative Thinkers:

Students closely examine problems, questions, situations posed, and think deeply and differently about the issues; Are critical in their gathering of information to solve their problems;

Collaborative Problem Solvers: 

Students can work with a wide range of individuals to solve problems together, employing a wide range of creative ideas to solve the problems together

Strong Communicators:

Students can develop written or verbal communications and deliver a wide range of information, their own ideas or those of others.

Precision in Thinking and Doing:

Students can recognize the importance of details, that a few seconds eliminated from a process or that a few pennies saved in a deal add up to significant gains; Can apply learning in an exacting manner and produce solutions in multiple situations with accuracy and strong attention to detail.