What is the Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce?

  • We are a small, career and technical (CTE) high school in New York City focused on preparing students for college and career pathways supply chain management and freight logistics.
  • We are a team of dedicated and passionate educators that put students first, while valuing collaboration, teacher development and teacher leadership.
  • We currently serve over 200 students in grades 9 through 11 and will be expanding to full capacity (grades 9 through 12) in the 2016-2017 school year.
  • We believe in educating the whole child by providing access to rigorous coursework, social and emotional supports, enrichment activities with partnership organizations, and many opportunities to explore college and career pathways while still in high school.
  • We have extensive partnerships to support students and staff in expanding their understanding of the industry as well as supporting their social and emotional growth, including
  • Arizona State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, APICS, The Port Authority of NY and NJ, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, CSX Freight, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NYC, The New York Peace Institute, the Apollo Theatre and more.

What’s it like to be a teacher at UASGC?

  • We strongly value collaboration and community and believe that teachers should be supported as much as possible to be successful.
  • We offer ample professional development opportunities for teachers through the Urban Assembly, our partnership organization, as well as through our partners. Teachers have been able to attend intensive industry professional development at Arizona State University, MIT and Rutgers University to learn more about supply chain management.
  • We provide a structure for peer coaching in which all teachers are matched in coaching groups to give and receive peer-to-peer feedback in lesson planning and lesson delivery.
  • Teachers interested in leadership opportunities have a wide variety of ways to develop leadership through positions as teacher leaders (Department or Grade Team leads) or through taking on student enrichment activities. We value teacher-led initiatives at UASGC. Teacher-leaders have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities that include per session opportunities.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are seeking teachers who are excited by taking on a challenge of building a new and innovative model for high school, educating students to become global citizens, prepared for college and career pathways in the field of global commerce. 
  • We want teachers who are interested in a model for high school that provides students with the knowledge and the skills to make a choice about their pathway to a career before they graduate, whether that is entering college, entering the workforce, or some combination of both.
  • We want teachers who are deep thinkers and problem-solvers, with an academic interest in their content areas, a desire to deepen their pedagogical practice and be creative in figuring out how to engage our students in learning.
  • We want teachers who have a deep belief in the importance of social and emotional learning and are interested in implementing restorative practices as a part of the learning process in all aspects of their work and serve as an advisor to a small group of students, in addition to their teaching load

Ideal Team Members…

  • Are unwavering in their belief that all students can learn and be successful in a college or career pathway of their own choosing, regardless of their life circumstances, demanding high expectations of all students in their classroom
  • Believe that an authentic education occurs through experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, through engaging, real-world applications of knowledge and skills
  • Believe the reading, writing and speaking are the fundamentals of all content-area learning
  • Have a naturally “solution-seeking” nature, with demonstrated experience succeeding in the face of adversity
  • Have experience or ability to write innovative curriculum, aligned to the Global Commerce industry, for that content area
  • Have strong pedagogical experience, including a significant repertoire of strategies to support struggling learners, students with disabilities and English language learners
  • Are experienced and/or willing to be a student advisor, build strong and positive relationships with students, and go above and beyond to support students both inside and outside of the classroom and engage parents/guardians successfully in student improvement
  • Have a genuine passion for improving public education and commitment to serving students from traditionally underserved populations in New York City


  • Demonstrated success and/or passion for working in a major urban school district with a high-needs student population
  • Valid New York State Licensing in the content area
  • Master’s Degree in the content area


  • Bilingual or Multilingual
  • Two or more years in New York City Public Schools or Charter Schools
  • Dual Certification in Special Education or English as a Second Language

We are currently seeking the following positions for Fall 2017:

  • Mathematics Teacher-Leader (Lead the Department Team, provide team-level coaching and teacher Algebra II/Trig Courses)
  • Science Teacher-Leader (Lead Department Team, Physics/Chemistry or Earth Science)
  • Science Teacher (Chemistry/Physics or Earth Science)
  • Dean of Students (Full Time out of classroom position)

If you believe you would be a great fit within our team, please apply for a position with the Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce. In your application, include the following and submit to hiring@uaglobalcommerce.org

  • Targeted cover letter indicating your interest in our school and detailing why you would make a great member of the UASGC Team.
  • Updated Resume

For more information about the school, please check out the website at http://www.uaglobalcommerce.org