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Supply Lists by Class

Supply Lists

All students are expected to have a blue or black pen and a pencil every day for all courses

9th Grade Students:

  • 1.5" binder to use for all classes

9th Grade ELA: Silva

  • 2 composition notebooks (no spirals please)
  • 2 Folders (one to keep as a portfolio in class, one for homework and handouts)
  • USB flash drive (if access to internet at home is limited or inconsistent)
  • Highlighters (yellow, pink, green) 
  • Glue stick
  • Mini stapler (recommended, not required)

9th Grade Integrated Algebra or Geometry: Suescun

  • 1 pack graph paper
  • 1 composition notebook
  • 1 pocket folder
  • T83 or T84 graphing calculator (recommended but not required)

9th Grade Global History: Hill

  • 2 pocket folders
  • 1 Highlighter

9th and 10th Grade Living Environment: Shah

  • 1" (or more) 3-ring binder
  • College-ruled loose-leaf paper
  • Index cards
  • Graph paper
  • Highlighter

10th Grade Algebra I and Geometry: Fragosa

  • Composition notebook
  • Graph paper
  • 2 pocket folders 
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Scientific or Graphing Calculator 
  • Geometry specific
    • 1 protractor
    • 1 compass
    • 1 12" ruler

10th Grade Global History: Zencuch

  • 1 3-subject spiral notebook
  • 1 composition notebook
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Ream of copier paper 

10th Grade A.P. Human Geography: Zencuch

  • 3 ring binder
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper

 10th Grade ELA: Castillo

  • 1 large binder to be shared with handouts from other classes
  • 2 composition notebooks (not spiral, please)
  • 2 folders with pockets
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • 1 box of tissues to donate to the classroom

10th & 11th Grade Chemistry: McCalman

  • 1.5" 3-ring binder
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 2 pocket folders
  • Highlighters
  • Scientific calculator

11th Grade A.P. Psychology: Shah

  • 1" (or more) 3-ring binder
  • Index cards
  • College-ruled notebook paper
  • Computer with internet access
  • Highlighter
  • Barron’s AP Psychology, 5th Edition (ISBN-10: 0764147013) by McEntarffer Weseley.
    • (It is suggested that you buy this book because it is designed to prepare you for the AP Psychology Exam by topically reviewing the main areas of psychology and their coverage on the AP exam. It also includes multiple-choice practice questions and practice exams. have great deals on new and used copies.)

All Grades Mandarin: Lentin

  • Two composition notebooks
  • Two pocket folders
  • Two boxes of tissues
  • One pack of index cards

All Grades Spanish: Lillard

  • 1 1" 3-ring binder 
  • Pack of 100 index cards
  • 1 composition notebook

All Grades ESL: Lentin

  • Two composition notebooks
  • One pocket folder

All Grades Physical Education: Johnson

  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • T-shirt
  • Appropriate footwear