The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce (UASGC) was created to provide students from traditionally underserved populations with a free, public education that will create opportunities for economic mobility through college and career preparation. The mission of the Young Professional Board (YPB) is to support UASGC in realizing the vision of providing a 21st century education for all students. We will do this by leveraging our professional experiences, personal interests, and networks to build a strong structure of support for the school. Through this support, we will enable the school to provide all of the experiences and supports that we believe are necessary in order for our students to be prepared for postsecondary success. The work of the YPB includes but is not limited to the following categories.

  • Use professional skills and connections to introduce students to the world of work

  • Share personal interests and talents to develop student’s sense of self

  • Support UASGC’s fundraising work through various means to provide students with essential services and opportunities

  • Advocacy for the school across sectors and expansion of YPB and network

  • Lend expertise to UASGC staff in creation and distribution of public-facing materials

UASGC Young Professional Board Members

Matthew Sharp, The Carlyle Group 

Shannon Ferguson, Kickstarter

Christopher Kellen, Anna-Marie and Stephen Kellen Foundation

Becky Bavinger, Bloomberg Philanthropies

Katy McShane, Cargomatic

Natalie Harrington, Educators 4 Excellence

Brett Fry, Forteris Wealth

Jeffrey Cravens, Attorney for the City of New York