Mission Statement

By working closely with public and private partners, UASGC will provide opportunities for economic mobility through access to college and career pathways in the growing field of supply chain management and freight logistics, the backbone of global commerce. We educate students not just “for the occupation,” but “through the occupation,” integrating instruction of industry knowledge and skills throughout rigorous academic curricula. Through our extensive public and private partnerships, we create opportunities for students to participate in a growing and dynamic industry and ensure authentic student choice in post-secondary decisions, while providing significant social and emotional supports to ensure student success.

Core Values

These are the qualities that define us and our school community. Whenever we are working independently, completing work with a group or interacting with another UASGC school member we need to always remember to live by these core values. 


We recognize and value cultural and ideological differences among members of our community, embodied within our words and actions. We honor each other as individuals within our larger community.


We work together to identify and solve problems, develop solutions and build our community because we will achieve more as a team than as individuals.


We hold ourselves and members of our community to high expectations in all aspects of our work and within our relationships. We can justify our decision-making to our community. We exude self-discipline and push ourselves and those around us to relentlessly achieve.