How can our students benefit from your professional experiences?

Logistics Lunches

Logistics lunches are small, informal meetings of students and partners to “talk shop” and get to know one another. Conversations will be anchored by case studies from the special guest’s professional experiences that students can discuss with the partner and peers. 

Worksite Visits

Worksite Visits consist of visits to sites throughout the city where students can see the industry come to life. These trips are essential to building understanding about the industry as well as helping students reflect upon which career options are the best for them.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are a fun and engaging opportunity for students to meet professionals from a range of different fields. Our partners will set up booths in the school and provide brief presentations to groups of students to teach them about their careers and their experiences in the industry. 

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing allows students to walk in the steps of a professional for a day in order to better understand the roles and responsibilitiesof their occupation. Participants will write a reflection of their experiences and share it with their classmates. 

Internships & Apprenticeships

Internships & apprenticeships give students the chance to perform professional tasks in a work environment. Students willgive presentations to classmates and conduct weekly check-ins with UASGC staff to ensure students maximize their experience.