Part IV: Adding up Total Expenses and Net Sales

1. Retrieve the spreadsheet you completed from Parts I-III from your email. You should log in, go to your "sent" folder, open the email you sent to, download the file, and open the file.

2. Please go to "file" and click on "save as" to save this file as "Firstname Lastname LS IV"

3. Today you are going to once again use the Sum function to calculate total amounts. Today you will be adding up Total Expenses. You will then find "Net Sales" by subtracting "Total Expenses" from "Total Sales".

4. Click here to watch the video explaining how to complete this task. Remember - pause the video after each step and complete it on your own in your spreadsheet.

5. Once you have completed all of the steps please click "save" and email the file titled "Firstname Lastname LS IV" to

6. Continue on to Part V